Professor Manju Hingorani remains an affiliated faculty but is no longer actively teaching at Wesleyan University.

Archive of Professor Hingorani’s Site

Principal Investigator

Manju M. Hingorani

Manju received her BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from K.M.K. College, University of Bombay, India in 1990. She completed her PhD in 1996 in Biochemistry at The Ohio State University where she investigated the bacteriophage T7 helicase mechanism, mentored by Dr. Smita S. Patel. She then moved to The Rockefeller University as a postdoctoral fellow to study E. coli clamp and clamp loader proteins that are essential for DNA replication, and was mentored by Dr. Mike O’Donnell. In 2000, she joined Wesleyan University and is currently a professor in the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry department. Her research employs transient kinetics approaches to clarify the workings of several DNA replication and DNA repair proteins.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Juan Liu

Juan received her PhD in Microbiology from Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China in 2009, and then came to the United States to pursue postdoctoral training opportunities. She joined the Hingorani lab in 2013 where she is investigating the PCNA clamp loading mechanism, and also characterizing mutants of MutS DNA repair protein that are linked to Lynch cancer syndrome.

Graduate Students

Brandon Case

Brandon received his BSc in Chemistry from Western New England University, Springfield, MA in 2013. He then joined the PhD program at Wesleyan University, where he is studying the nucleotide excision repair (NER) protein UvrA, and the mismatch repair (MMR) protein MutS, to understand the underlying kinetic mechanisms of how these ATPase proteins recognize errors and lesions in DNA and initiate their repair.

Bo Song

Bo received his BSc in Medicine from Norman Bethune College of Medicine, Jilin University, China. He then worked in Dr. Yong Liu’s laboratory at Shanghai Institute of Nutritional Sciences before joining the PhD program at Wesleyan University. He is currently investigating the kinetic mechanism of human flap endonuclease 1 (hFEN1), a critical enzyme for both DNA replication and repair.

Undergraduate Students

Emily Kessler

Emily is a senior (’18) Chemistry and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry double major at Wesleyan University. She is currently investigating the DNA binding and ATPase activities, and conformational dynamics of MutS mismatch repair protein to understand why its mutants are implicated in Lynch cancer syndrome.